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Tembeza Kenya 
Here at Tembeza Kenya, we are proud to offer the people of the world a chance to help ensure all the assets of this magnificent country are protected, from its environment to its animals to its people. Through our volunteer placement service, we offer a variety of truly unique opportunities to anyone yearning for a chance to travel with a purpose. No matter what project you choose to join, whether it's conserving endangered species in a national park, teaching art, music and drama at an elementary school, or promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in rural towns, you can be assured of having a positive and lasting impact, as well as a fulfilling and utterly unforgettable experience.  Visit site
Thai-Experience is a Thailand based NGO that offers volunteer vacations, gap year abroad programmes and community service projects in Thailand. The volunteer work ranges from teaching English to supporting children with disabilities.  Visit site
Touch Africa International 
Touch Africa was founded by international volunteers who attended numerous exchange programmes and missions all over the world. The organization aims to train people to become effective entrepreneurs, community leaders and global citizens. It also supports community projects that help alleviate poverty and protect the environment and organizes two-week volunteer camps in partnership with local authorities and NGOs in Kenya.  Visit site
Translations for Progress 
Translations for Progress is an online forum for volunteer translators and a public service intended for the international NGO community. By linking the needs of NGOs and language students and professionals, Translations for Progress hopes to support the development of better communication within the international grass-roots community, improve the ability of organizations to meet their goals, and help students become more actively involved in development issues early on.  Visit site
Travellers Worldwide 
Travellers Worldwide assists volunteers in all planning aspects of their chosen international experience which includes options such as care and community projects, teaching, sports coaching, work experience, conservation, language and cultural courses, drama, dance, music and much mor in various destinations. Travellers Worldwide is a leading international provider of project placements overseas.  Visit site
Tsunami Volunteer Center 
The Tsunami Volunteer Center, based in Khao Lak, Thailand, was founded in January 2005 in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. TVC is a Thai-led NGO funded almost entirely by private donation and is not affiliated with any religions. Its aim is to assist in the restoration of tsunami-affected communities through empowerment. The Center serves strictly as a “partner organization” in that projects undertaken by the Center are driven exclusively by community needs and are executed in full partnership with village members.  Visit site
Uganda Rural Community Suppport Foundation 
The Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation (URCSF) is a Christian organization that aims to eradicate poverty, to strengthen communities and to provide basic health care in Uganda. The organization’s main goals include not only the improvement of living conditions, but also the spreading of hope and inspiration of lives in Uganda.  Visit site
Umpalazi (South Africa) 
A community and wildlife project that incorporates local community upliftment, including skills training, environmental education and aid work; with the rehabilitation of injured and/or orphaned wildlife for future release and monitoring. Umpalazi also provides sanctuary for other displaced animals.  Visit site
UNA Exchange 
UNA Exchange, based in UK, works to encourage voluntary service as a means to achieve peace, equality and democracy. Provides opportunities for people from all backgrounds to volunteer, through short- and medium-term projects in more than 70 countries.   Visit site
Under My Olive Tree 
Under My Olive Tree is a blog about volunteering in Jordan and the Middle East with the overall goal to support activism. It links to organizations that are looking for donations or volunteers.  Visit site

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