Compete for the Changemakers Innovation Award for Meeting Disasters
21 October 2005

Kolkata, India:, in partnership with the Fritz Institute, has launched a global search for the best, innovative strategies for meeting disasters wherever and whenever they occur. Between now and 22 November, Changemakers invites entries from citizen organizations, businesses, governments, think tanks, universities, community groups, and others who have developed entrepreneurial programmes or plans for meeting disaster quickly, effectively, equitably, and sustainably.

Read the contest guidelines and submit your contest entry. For the next two months follow along and participate in the discussion about individual contest entries, the Meeting Disaster mosaic that provides examples of social entrepreneurs at work already meeting disaster in their communities, and supplementary articles on this all-important topic that affects us all. Read also the current issue of OneWorld’s Perspectives which provides excellent background materials on dealing with disasters.

The Changemakers Innovation Awards series is based on a unique "open source" format where participants compete by entering the best solutions to pressing social issues while collaborating to advance current initiatives.

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