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Last call for UK IT volunteering awards
20 October 2006

London, UK: Do you know someone who has volunteered their time and IT skills to help a charity or their local community? If so, you only have a short time left to nominate them for the 2006 IT Volunteer Awards, organized by the UK-based IT4Communities.

IT4Communities, supported by Computer Weekly since its launch in 2002, acts as a clearing house between charities with IT needs and IT professionals who wish to donate their time and expertise to assist them.

It is run by the ­Information Technologists Company, the City of London livery company at the hub of many IT-­related charitable and educational activities.

The main award will go to the IT volunteer who has made the most difference to a charity through their help. Charities are to nominate IT volunteers who have given their time to a project and been reliable and technically competent.

The winning entrant will also have demonstrated good communication skills in explaining technical issues to charity staff, and to have enabled sustainability by providing the charity with the skills to keep things going after the project has been completed.

IT4Communities is also looking to honour the best IT volunteering project - the best combination of charity and IT volunteer. The organisation urges IT volunteers not to be shy about nominating themselves and the charity they have worked with if they have been involved in a good project.

Complexity is not an issue. "The project could be very simple technically, but one which made a real difference to the way in which the charity functions," said IT4Communities.

Factors the awards judges are looking for include how each party managed the working relationship and kept things on course, quantified evidence of improved business performance by the charity as a result, and sustainability for the future.

Other awards are for the most innovative volunteering project, the best charity for IT volunteering, and the IT volunteering project which has had the most direct positive impact on people with disabilities.

The closing date for entries is 25 October 2006.