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New US grant announced for volunteerism studies
03 May 2004

Missouri: The Global Service Institute (GSI) of the Center for Social Development announces a new grant cycle for research projects on civic service or long-term, intensive volunteerism under its Civic Service Small Research Grants Program.

GSI has been created, with grant from the Ford Foundation, to study, inform and assist in the development of civic service worldwide. It aims to increase research, establish a worldwide information network, and promote policy and program development in civic service.

Researchers across disciplines and professions are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, social work, political science, and environmental studies.

Preference will be given to applicants living outside of the United States.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. at the time of the award or equivalent training and experience and must apply through an academic institution or other qualified nonprofit organization. Dissertation research proposals are also welcome for doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy for their degree, completing all the necessary requirements except the dissertation at the time of the award.

GSI's areas of interest include: contextual understanding of civic service; civic engagement and citizenship development; cross-group interactions and impacts; service and the environment; inclusive service; elder service; and international/transnational service.

GSI will award up to six research grants with budget amounts ranging from US$ 10,000 to US$ 25,000 for up to two years. Dissertation research proposals with budgets up to US$ 15,000 will also be considered.

Initial inquiry letters are due by J 4une 2004. No inquiry letters will be accepted after this date.

From: Global Service Institute