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New website to pledge your volunteer hours
29 March 2005

Edmonton, Canada: has recently launched Webathon 2005, a Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) initiative aimed at increasing youth awareness on volunteerism.

Webathon 2005 encourages young people to pledge hours of volunteer work and motivates them to get involved in their communities. The goal is to represent young people’s collective desire to become active citizens by becoming volunteers.

The organizations says that this could be achieved by “having youth pledge volunteer hours online, by publishing articles about young volunteers from around the world, connecting them to other websites with resources and information about volunteerism, and reporting on volunteer hours pledged by youth”.

To date, more than 53,000 hours have been pledged by young people from 26 different countries such as Algeria, Benin, Canada, Ghana, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Scotland, and Zimbabwe. To increase this number, the site has been translated to Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, German and Russian.

"Pledging" begins on 15 April and continues until 15 May 2005.

Visit Webathon 2005 website