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People with disabilities as online volunteers?
14 July 2004

Bonn: Online volunteering can allow for the greater participation of people who might find volunteering difficult or impossible because of a disability. This in turn allows organizations to benefit from the additional talent and resources of more volunteers, and allows agencies to further diversify their volunteer talent pool.

People with disabilities volunteer for the same reasons as anyone else: they want to contribute their time and energy to improving the quality of life. They want challenging, rewarding, educational service projects that address needs of a community and provide them with outlets for their enthusiasm and talents.

The Online Volunteering service is looking for people who have volunteered through the OV service and who have a physical or cognitive disability. In particular, we want to hear from you if you have a disability and believe that the OV service has contributed to your being able to volunteer. We are hoping to gather stories from people who have contributed time or expertise through the OV service and who also have some kind of physical or cognitive disability. We want to use these testimonials to show that people with disabilities can be volunteers, not merely be served by volunteers.

Please contact us only if you meet the criteria stated above. Include your full name, your city and country, the online volunteering activities you have completed and what organizations you helped, and how you believe the OV service has contributed to your being able to volunteer.

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