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Scottish organization offers PC skills to volunteers
21 June 2004

North Lanarkshire, Scotland: The Volunteer Centre North Lanarkshire is the first volunteer organization in Scotland to offer PC Passport, the newest national computing qualification, to unemployed volunteers.

The PC Passport is designed to suit an individual’s own computing level -- the programme can be for beginners, for people who have some knowledge but would like to develop their skills further, or for people are reasonably skilled but would like to gain an accredited qualification.

For local volunteers, the training is available for free. Specifically, the organization is targeting unemployed people aged between 16 and 50 years.

Starting with 40 participants, PC Passport will include hands-on computer training in addition to lectures from facilitators.

"This is an exciting opportunity for volunteers in the local area to be able to learn computing and enhance their employability prospects," says Mary McNeil, manager of the Volunteer Centre.

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Photo shows Mark Watson, Board Member and volunteer with the Volunteer Centre, showing the new computer dedicated to the PC Passport programme.

From: Volunteer Centre North Lanarkshire