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Take a stand for MDGs: Join candlelight silence in Australia
17 October 2005

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) require that Australia increases the direct amount allocated towards overseas aid and development to 0.7% Gross National Income (GNI). As a participating nation, Australia has made a promise to which they must remain committed. Currently Australia spends just 0.28% of its GNI on overseas aid and development.

Informing and involving civil society is critical to ensuring that governments keep these promises.

On October 24 you can STAND. and make a difference. Bring a candle, bring your voice, bring your silence. Around Australia in every capital city, young people will STAND. together to respond and remind. On one night, young people will unite and make a statement in silence and in candlelight - eight minutes of silence will be marked for the eight MDGs.

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