Your ideas sought for IYV+10
24 April 2008

The year 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers 2001.  It will present a strong opportunity to showcase the diversity, breadth and depth of volunteering worldwide and offer the chance to mobilize many more volunteers and raise the profile of volunteering. 

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) would like to hear your suggestions and opinions, as volunteers and interested parties, on how IYV+10 could be marked in 2011.  UNV is also keen to hear how your ideas might be implemented, by whom, and who might be involved.

The following are some of the most popular suggestions that have been mentioned to date.  These ideas arose from an IYV+10 Stakeholder Workshop held in Geneva, Switzerland in December 2007, and also reflect in-house discussions at UNV and IYV+10 surveys.

1.      A Global Campaign with a specific brand image (perhaps in coordination with the private sector).

2.      Well-Publicized Studies, for example on the GDP value of volunteering (in order to promote future government engagement with the sector), on the rise and effects of ‘voluntourism’ (e.g. focusing on the feasibility of volunteer visas).

3.      Competitions / Exhibitions, including documentary films, a YouTube competition, media advertisements, the design of special issues of postage stamps, music concerts, etc.

4.      Dedication of an "International Work-Free Day" or an "International Year of Online Volunteers".

5.      Nomination of "Volunteer Ambassadors" from each geographical region.

6.      Reinforcing linkages between volunteerism and sports and development (for example, by endorsing walks for volunteerism, a volunteerism Olympiad, or creating links to major sporting events).

7.      A UN Code of Conduct for voluntary-involving organizations.

8.      A 'word of mouth' viral campaign where each person passes a message to another.  This might be done by SMS, email, chat rooms, letters, postcards, etc. and might involve partnerships with communications companies around the world.

9.      A "Top Ten at +10" highlighting the 10 most influential volunteers, projects, NGOs, governments, etc on the occasion of IYV+10 (e.g. 10 categories, announced over a 10-month period).

10.    Publication of the state of the world's volunteering.


All ideas are welcome. Please send your ideas to Douglas Cook at UNV.

Tel: +49 228 815 2318
Fax: +49 228 815 2001


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