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18 January 2006
'Working with positive negatives': 100 photos for charity auction on ebay 
Mighty names from the worlds of art and documentary photography have donated 100 prints for a charity auction to be held on from 19-29 January 2006.    Read article
28 December 2005
A million urged to fight poverty  
London, UK: Development charity Oxfam is calling for a million people to support a new campaign to fight world poverty. It wants people to either volunteer, donate money or fight for change as part of its "I'm in" campaign.   Read article
From: BBC News, UK
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19 December 2005
Apply for first International Youth Volunteerism Summit grant 
Interested in volunteerism? Interested in International Affairs? Interested in $10,000 for a project that could take you all over the world? If yes, apply to participate in the first annual International Youth Volunteerism Summit: Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Volunteerism. Last date for submitting applications: 29 December, 2005.  Read article
25 November 2005
Helping hands by Dawn Yun
San Francisco, USA: In a world battered by disasters, one can feel overwhelmed by the need to help. Sometimes the best spot to start is in your own backyard.  Read article
22 November 2005
Honour volunteer managers by Nan Hawthorne
But did you ever stop to wonder how volunteers actually accomplish so much? As someone recently pointed out to me, we sometimes have the perception that volunteers and volunteerism just happen. They don't. Someone needs to manage them, and the programmes in which they participate.  Read article
From: Charity Channel
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21 November 2005
Volunteer vacations: Contributing while on holiday by Jane Levere
New York, USA: Volunteer vacation is becoming more popular in recent years,  experts say, particularly since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and the Southeast Asian tsunami in December 2004. People want to do more than just give money.   Read article
16 November 2005
Quit the day job and follow your dreams by Rob Griffin
More and more professionals in their 30s and 40s are taking a career break to volunteer. Study shows that an estimated six million people in the UK have quit their jobs to travel around the world and "recharge their batteries" in recent years.  Read article
13 November 2005
The gift of holiday volunteering by Gretchen Losi
California, USA: The idea of volunteering in the community is often appealing to many. Unfortunately, finding the time and researching where one's skills would best be used often places the idea on the back burner. The holiday season is great time to get involved in the community and put those good intentions to work.   Read article
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11 November 2005
Summer scholarship for philanthropy and voluntary service  
Scholarship applications are now being accepted for the Summer 2006 Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service, a nonprofit internship and academic program for undergraduate students, at the Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., US. This dynamic program is intended for students who are involved in volunteer activities and are excited about exploring professional opportunities in the non-profit sector. Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2006.  Visit site
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22 October 2005
Don’t donate clothes or blankets: Give money by Zarrin T. Caldwell and Megan Quill
As the television bombards us with images of the devastation caused by disasters, we may feel compelled to act. We may be inclined to send clothes, or shoes, or blankets—to offer whatever help we can. But, the reality is that when a major disaster occurs, these kinds of contributions are not always the most beneficial.  Read article
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