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April 2007

Current Highlights

30 April 2007
Is forced volunteering helping anyone?
By Mary Teresa Bitti
Some provinces in Canada are engaged in a social experiment -- requiring high school students to put in up to 40 hours volunteering in their communities in order to graduate. But experts are asking: What message are we sending teens if we are equating mandatory community service with volunteering? Volunteer or risk not graduating?

24 April 2007
Volunteers use texts to monitor Nigerian elections
Anyone trying to rig or tamper presidential elections in Nigeria could be caught out by a team of volunteers armed with mobile phones. Election volunteers use SMS to feedback their observations to a central computer hub, which was then passed on to other monitoring groups including the EU.


30 April 2007
Putting volunteer work on the economic map
Maryland, USA: The International Labour Organization and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies today announced an agreement to develop an approach for putting volunteer work on the economic map for the first time. Also announced was a start-up grant from the United Nations Volunteers to help underwrite this effort.

30 April 2007
New report on Maori & volunteering launched
Wellington, New Zealand: A research report launched today will lead to a better understanding of volunteering and unpaid work from a Maori perspective, says Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Luamanuvao Winnie Laban.

20 April 2007
Peace Corps volunteer wanted to do good, pursue adventure
Manila, Philippines: Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell's body was found in a shallow grave in Ifugao, northern part of the Philippines last 18 April. She worked as a volunteer English teacher at the Divine Word College in Albay province's Legazpi city, southeast of Manila, since October 2006.

03 April 2007
Situation for volunteers in Iraq gets more difficult
Baghdad, Iraq: Iraq is the deadliest country in the world for aid workers, specialists say. Treated as Western collaborators they face death on a daily basis in the course of meeting the needs of an increasingly desperate population.


25 April 2007
Volunteering for rehabilitation
By Shadd Maruna
Helping former prisoners to find voluntary work could help steer them away from crime.

20 April 2007
Volunteering can benefit jobless, labour market in Germany
By Jennifer Abramsohn
With empty state coffers and a continually tight job market, observers say unpaid work can have hidden benefits. But most employers are dubious. Can volunteering make you more marketable?

04 April 2007
For some, vacationing and volunteerism mix 
Building latrines and pig pens isn't exactly how most people want to spent their hollidays. However more and more are concidering voluntourism for the purpose of humanity as an alternative to relaxing at the beach.

Volunteer stories

23 April 2007
Volunteer sleuths keep cold cases alive
By Todd Matthews
There are 100,000 missing people in the United States alone and at least 6,000 unidentified bodies. With the authorities struggling to solve so many cases, thousands of volunteers are using the internet to try to match the missing with the unidentified.

16 April 2007
Young German volunteers make amends for Holocaust
By Ben Winograd
The Holocaust had been over for more than 60 years but that did not erase young Germans' sense of obligation to Nazis' victims. Nearly two dozen young German volunteers have recently arrived in Israel for a year of service through "Ot Hakapara", Hebrew for "sign of atonement", working at libraries, nursing homes and community centers around the country.

16 April 2007
Volunteers help one man's mission to reunite father and kids
By Kelly Starling Lyons
Tony Pierce, a football coach, organized "Fathers in Touch", helping absentee dads reconnect with their children. He has no full-time staff but some 40 volunteers are helping this one-man mission.

12 April 2007
Youth volunteers restore hope in Lebanon
Sidon, Lebanon: For Abdel Razak and hundreds of other young volunteers, helping to pick up the pieces is their way to make a change for their country and provide a new generation with hope.

10 April 2007
Volunteer fights trafficking in women
By Fadi Eyadat
Haifa, Israel: 21-year-old Naama Yehezkel is an activist for Isha L'Isha - the Haifa Feminist Center, which aids local and foreign women working in the sex industry. Yehezkel is performing her national service as a volunteer for the organization, after refusing to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.

03 April 2007
Bittersweet goodbyes for volunteers in Tanzania
By Danica Vucic
Arusha, Tanzania: Tear stained cheeks. Melancholy hugs. Joyous but sad songs. All of these are things volunteers experience when they leave the "Loving Hand for the Disadvantaged and Aged" (LOHADA).


16 April 2007
So, you want to volunteer?
Consider these tips wisely before volunteering, from the USA Freedom Corps.

10 April 2007
US research shows that disadvantaged teens benefit from volunteering
Washington, D.C., USA: A new study in the United States has found that volunteering produces many positive benefits for teens from low- income backgrounds -- they become empowered, are more likely to volunteer and become politically engaged, and believe they will graduate from college and make a difference in their communities.

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Fercher von Steinwand e.V. Foundation 
Fercher von Steinwand e.V. Foundation organizes international summer workcamps in the south of Germany. They help with farming, gardening, video, construction work.


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