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January 2007

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Kiwi volunteers' time valued at NZ$2.5 billion
Wellington, New Zealand: Kiwi volunteers are contributing their time at a conservative value of about $2.5 billion a year, according to Volunteering New Zealand. 

Korean government forms committee to promote volunteering 
Seoul, Korea: The government of South Korea formed a committee on volunteer promotion to address social inclusion issues. 

UNV honours outstanding Online Volunteers of the Year 2006 
Bonn, Germany: Every year, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and its Online Volunteering (OV) service honour ten exceptional women and men who have made an exemplary impact on human development by sharing their expertise over the Internet and by demonstrating their commitment to volunteering. The winners of the “Online Volunteer of the Year” award for 2006 were announced today.

China developing law to recognize and boost volunteerism 
Beijing, China: China is drafting a law to clearly define the rights and obligations of volunteers in a move to encourage more people to donate their time and skills, said an official with the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Tuesday, International Volunteer Day.

UN marks International Volunteer Day with calls to humanity’s better nature
New York, USA: The United Nations today honoured the tens of thousands of volunteers from both developing and industrialized countries who over the past 35 years have supported the Organization’s peace, relief and development initiatives around the planet, as well as the millions of others who daily offer their humanitarian services. 

Standards for employee volunteer programmes developed
Washington, D.C., USA: Today more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have employee volunteer programs to leverage the power of service and volunteering in the corporate sector. The Corporate Community Involvement Summit, a coalition of nonprofit organizations, has developed a set of standards that will help to track trends, benchmark programs and encourage better practices in employee volunteer programs. 


Not just for Christmas
Non-profit organizations get inundated with prospective volunteers over the festive period, when most of them are shut. Mark Restall, from Volunteering England, says it's during the rest of the year they really need your help.

Public interest & the limits of volunteerism
Wellington, New Zealand: To be sure, personal self-control and charity are virtues, while political coercion and taxation are not. The trouble is, in numerous and significant instances, volunteerism doesn’t work.

Volunteerism is not only for women
A report on "An Assessment of Community Volunteers and Community-Based Health Care Programmes" launched yesterday by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Richard Kamwi, shows that Namibia has a total of 4728 volunteers helping their communities at different levels, and 80% of this represents women participation. 


The do's and don'ts of IT volunteering
With the holiday season upon us and New Year's resolutions just around the corner, the idea of giving back has probably crossed many minds. Here are some suggestions how  IT professionals can help non-profit organizatio


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